The Back Creek Watershed Protection Plan

Client: WV Conservation Agency

Project Summary: The Back Creek Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) was developed by Green Rivers with input from the Back Creek Project Team which included WV Department of Environmental Protection, WV Division of Forestry, WV Conservation Agency, Blue Heron Environmental Network, Eastern Panhandle Conservation District and Berkeley County. In addition, various stakeholders contributed to the plan through a series of public meetings and surveys distributed throughout the watershed. This plan was designed to guide land conservation and watershed restoration projects within the Back Creek Watershed. It identified critical resources to protect (i.e. high priority forested lands, threatened or endangered species, etc.) and critical sites to restore (i.e. severely eroding streambanks).

The Back Creek WPP plan contains a comprehensive overview of the watershed, including its characteristics and provides a history behind the water quality, overall watershed health, and concerns identified by stakeholders. These concerns are discussed in detail throughout the process; management strategies are recommended, an estimate of costs and technical assistance are provided, as well as a timeline for implementation are all included in the Back Creek WPP.

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