Watershed Groups

Watershed organizations play a critical role in protecting the nation’s water resources. Successful watershed groups are holistic in their approach to managing water resource issues, and working TOGETHER with agencies, businesses, individuals, and government for a better, healthier, local way of life for everyone. Using a community-based-approach, they tackle the hardest of problems that hinder health, education, emergency management, and economy.

Many of these groups rely on local individuals and businesses to bring management, technical expertise, and funding to the table. Green Rivers has a reputable track record of assisting watershed groups and coordinating available local resources to develop and implement watershed-based projects.

We will collaborate with your group to understand the local issues and provide services that meet the goals and objectives of each project. We are able to manage all aspects of the environmental restoration process including watershed planning, grant application submittal, watershed assessment, restoration design, permitting, construction oversight, and post-construction monitoring.

We would like to recognize the hard work and dedication of these non-profit groups by offering discounted rates for our services which can often be used as a match for grant funds.

Watershed Organization Services

  • Restoration Site Identification and Landowner Contact
  • Assessment of Aquatic Resources and Condition
  • Stream and Wetland Restoration Planning and Design
  • Stream and Wetland Restoration Permitting
  • Stream and Wetland Restoration Construction
  • Stream and Wetland Restoration Monitoring
  • Stakeholder Facilitation
  • Surface and Groundwater Monitoring
  • Development of Watershed Based Plans and Watershed Protection Plans
  • Riparian and Floodplain Enhancements
  • Agricultural Planning and BMP Implementation
  • Geomorphic Assessment Training, Watershed Monitoring and GPS/GIS Mapping Techniques
  • Assistance with Government Agencies, Grants, Regulations and Permitting
  • Conservation Easement Contracts, Surveys and Recording
  • Native Vegetation Establishment
  • Invasive Species Control
  • GIS Mapping
  • Riverfront Park Design
  • Conceptual Site Design
  • Ecological Cost Benefit Evaluation
  • Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species Survey
  • Freshwater Fish and Mussel Survey
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Remote Sensing Analysis
  • HECRAS Floodplain Modeling


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